Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dr.Jean, Valentine's Day, 100th day

Several weeks ago I went and saw Dr.Jean with my fellow kindergarten partner-in-crime at my school. We love Dr. Jean and tried to sign up for the conference even before they had all the information out about it. She is a rock star. I can remember back to my student teaching days learning the Tooty Ta song. She makes you fall in love with teaching younger children all over again! She has such a passion and fun spirit that shines through. I am working on a great project that I got the idea from her, and plan on posting it for free here. I even got a picture with her.
Then came Valentine's day, what a crazy day that is with all the candy and valentine cards. Parties are so much work! To my students’ smiles and their parents’ excitement it makes it all worth it to make it a special day. A little shout out to my wonderful husband who sent me flowers and planned a great night. The next day, Feb. 15th, was the 100th day of school. All morning I thought about how I wanted to make a grand entrance at my door for the students. I have a very long drive to work, so all the way that is all I could think. Below is what I came up with. I left it up all day long for the students to crawl through. It is just two hula hoops duct taped together and then to the wall.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Writing Lessons

What do you use for writing lessons? My school does not have something school wide for writing and is looking for ideas. I use “Talking, Drawing, Writing: Lessons for Our Youngest Writers” by Martha Horn and Mary Ellen Giacobbe and think that it is wonderful!

My former school district purchased the book for us. Leave a comment about your writing lessons and what you use. Thanks for the help.

Free printable math game 1 - 30

I found this cute game from growingkinders for free at her blog. Let me show you how I used this cute game that she created. I took all the numbers and copied them on card stock and glued them down on a folder. I made 3 different folders, putting the numbers in different order. Then I took the cards with frames and made those into cards. I added so that I had ten frames for up to 30. The students play this game by pulling out the ten frame cards. The student that pulls the card out has to count and show the group how many and what number they need to cover up their folder. Everyone puts a cotton ball down on that number. I don’t trust some of my students not to eat marshmallows. Hope you enjoy!