Thursday, August 25, 2011

Check out the giveaway below. I am going to change the date of when it ends till next Wednesday August 31. Everyone seems to be just getting back to school or setting up a classroom. I want to make it fair for everyone.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer / Giveaway

I took the summer off from the blog world. I know most teachers worked on their blog most in the summer, but in the summer I like to be outside 24 /7 and often away from the internet.

I spent my summer on the lake soaking up this wonderful HOT summer with family and friends, working a summer job as director of a summer camp program, and some arts and crafts projects.

Plus I was so lucky to go see the "sisters" from Daily 5. I went to see the Daily 5 just for kindergarten. They are great, real teachers who just make you want to be a better teacher. What are some great daily 5 resources you have used?

Summer vacation is almost over. It's a bitter sweet feeling, I am sad summer is almost over because I live on a lake and totally love all things water but I am excited to start a school year knowing where I will be. Back to blog world I have a great giveaway that I am so excited to announce. This summer I found this great etsy page filled with teacher products made by a public educator. Check out her etsy page at She is giving away chair covers and the best part you get to pick from

basic chair covers,

star student chair cover and my favorite,

the birthday chair cover. I am so excited to team up with her. You have 5 ways to win this giveaway. You can do all 5 or just one. The Giveaway ends on August 23rd at 9pm.
1. Friend my blog and leave me a comment
2. If you have etsy add Allcanlearn and leave me a comment
3. Follow me on tpt and leave me a comment
4. Post a blog about the give away on your blog and leave a comment
5. Or leave me a comment if you are already my friend